The Banner Shot

It was on the 3rd of August 2008 when our founder Davo placed his bike at his favoured spot short of the western entrance to Horrocks Pass (SA) and took a few photos.

One of them became The Banner Shot.

Ever since, the challenge was out to replicate that shot as closely as possible; if not match it!
Locate the correct spot, place your bike as shown in the photo and press that camera button.
Kept a steady hand? Now crop your work (or not) and . . . voila! Time to show us!

You have to log in to the forum to show your photo - or your attempt as you might call it.

No harm in doing it again with your "other" bike or stopping next time you ride through and take another shot at it. Practice makes perfect and riding is good for the soul . . .

Here is the original photo:

which became this cropped one - The Banner Shot:

This is the correct location.

And the coordinates:
-32.625552, 137.946772

The forum location for all the shots put up by FarRiders is: http://farriders.com/forum15