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Ride to Eat - FarRide East #1 - FarRide #1.

FarRide East #1 was held on Saturday, 17 June 2006 with a meeting place at Moree, NSW.

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This ride was of interest to those who like to take a "longer ride" with the ride being the focus not the coffee breaks.

Most Ride to Eat FarRides are planned at 1000km minimum rides. They have to be completed within a 24 hour time frame, be it - say - 500kms on the first day of riding and the second 500kms on the following day - or the full distance in one hit. From start to finish a rider has 24 hours to complete the minimum of 1000kms.
They are not a group ride, there is no route to follow. The purpose of a FarRide is to be at the meeting place (usually an eatery) at the time stated and be able to complete 1000km within a 24hr period.

FarRides are aimed at those who are after a good long days ride and to meet, although briefly, with fellow riders with the same mindset.

This FarRide's meeting place was Thomas Lee Motorcycles, 145 Balo St, Moree, NSW ()
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Phone: 1800 642 353
The checkin time for East #1 was 11:00am AEST.


This was the first ever FarRide. There were just 14 participants, three of them pillions. We met at Thomas Lee Motorcycles then had lunch at a cafe in town. Most riders were Queenslanders with a few from NSW, most notably FarRider #2, Michael P, who is still a regular. The ride is memorable for being very cold, with temps below zero around Cunninghams Gap.

Coordination for this ride was by AdminAssist

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