Rules of the Rides

Planning to do a Long Distance Ride?
FarRiders has one overarching Rule that is to be considered above all other rules:-

Come Home Alive

We call this Rule No.1 and nothing else really matters.

If you are planning to do a ride that will be recognised by FarRiders there are a few extra rules to go by.

So Select a link to a ride you may be contemplating and brush up on what is required.

FR10 FR12 FR12 Gold
Davo Memorial Trail Long Distance List Ride Ride Rules FAQs

FarRide 1000 (FR10)

The FR10 is our basic ride and the first FarRide you will do. As time goes by most FarRiders do more FR10 rides than any other.

Here's what you must do to complete a FarRide 1000:

1. You MUST register with the information required. This is to make sure we can get fed in a timely manner. Put some serious thought into it before informing us you are coming, do not say you are coming without making sure you are able to all being well. Let us know if you cannot make it, that's just good manners - don't you think? We reserve the right to place a cap limit on riders if we get too many registrations.

2. You MUST obtain a fuel docket at the beginning of your ride to mark your departure point or close to it and the time you started your ride.

3. You must show us that docket on arrival. Please highlight the time and location printed on that docket - so our check-in person can easily find it (see it)!

4. Once you have completed your ride, you must go to farriders.com.au/FarFinisher and fill in the form including your total distance for the 24hrs so we know you are safe. (A password will be supplied to Riders a couple of days before each FarRide.) Only then can your ride be entered on to the FarRiders List

In a snapshot you must do two things to be considered a finisher.

1. Be at the destination point at the designated time
2. Complete 1000kms in the 24hrs surrounding that time (report as stated above)

Special note regarding the checkpoint times:

This is an example only
Check-in time: 11 to 11.30am. This is the time to get there, aim for 11am.
No check-ins will be allowed prior to the checkpoint opening at 11am.
The check-in time window closes at 11:30:01 am.
No starting docket with a time earlier than the prior day at 11:31 am will be accepted.

Apart from that this is an honesty thing; the goal is to do a minimum 1000-km-day. You are only cheating yourself if you don't. There will be no prizes, no certificates and no badges for the basic rides. All you get is a group of like-minded riders meeting for a feed and chat. If you have only done 100-200k to get there you are going to feel very left out when everyone starts talking about the great 500+k ride they had that morning to get there. We know how it feels to put in some good miles before lunch and everyone will be hyped. You will get listed on the FarRiders Official Members List for having completed that FarRide and that will make you a FarRider. This may not get you front row seats at the football or free beers at the local pub but it's something: Call yourself a FarRider and be proud about your accomplishment.

To date 1021 Riders have done 3427 FR10 rides.


FarRide 1200 (FR12)

FarRiders have shown to be keen to do greater distances for FarRides so for the more experienced, new distances are optional:

If you wish to do 1200kms for a FarRide, to be known as a FarRide1200 (FR12) - here are the extra Rules.

1. You will need to nominate this distance as you register.
2. The FR12 will only be open to FarRiders who have completed 4 x FR10 rides
3. Failure to complete the 1200km for the 24hr period will be classed as a DNF (DNF = did not finish).

There is nothing to stop a first timer from doing an FR12 distance for his / her first FarRide (in fact this happens quite often), BUT credit will only be given for 1,000 kms (FR10).

To date 143 Riders have done 393 FR12 rides.


FarRide 1200 Gold (FR12 Gold)

The new FR12Gold differs from the FR10 and FR12 in order to get our riders used to keeping a ridelog and support that log with documentation.
It is a very basic approach towards the skills required for a FarRally.
To become a FR12Gold-finisher, the rider must first register for that ride.
Then the rider needs to copy the prescribed log form and use it during the ride. Download from here.
As with all FarRides - the rider needs to get a start docket, enter it followed by all fuel receipts with odometer reading at the time of stop.
If the FR12Gold ride does not finish at the check-in the rider must get a fuel docket within the 24-hour limit (time stamp!!).
If the ride finishes at the check-in, a timestamp will be given and the documentation will be collected.
After verification, all receipts can be given back to the rider, the ride-log remains with the check-in.
If the rider continues the ride past his / her check-in at the FarRide location, the ride-log with copies of all receipts needs to be mailed to the RallyMaster for verification.
To say it again: Every fuel-docket needs to be entered into the ride-log and be supplied with the log at the end of the ride.

To date 67 Riders have done 139 FR12 Gold rides.


Davo Memorial Trail Ride

Solo or group ride - visit special places!
A certain pub to start, a certain spot to finish . . . and a fair bit of riding!

The DMT is to be ridden in one continous ride, without any timelimit set - but must include one day with a minimum of 1000ks

A.Start in Cooroy at the Cooroy Pub/Hotel! (formerly known as the Victory Hotel)-26.418560, 152.909442
B.Stop 1 = Mitchell, Hotel Mitchell,-26.486535, 147.976604
C.Stop 2 = Moree, Amaroo Tavern-29.484194, 149.845426
D.Stop 3 = Nambucca Heads, The V=Wall Tavern-30.646926, 153.012020
E.Stop 4 = BP Gateway servo on roundabout (Port Macquarie) = corner docket!-31.463307, 152.821605
 Ride the Oxley 
F.Stop 5 = Tottenham, the pub-32.243916, 147.356034
G.Stop 6 = Albury - Thurgoona Country Club-36.045958, 146.999608
H.A corner docket (any receipt) at Hay-34.520616, 144.840964
I.Stop 7 = Wilmington Pub-32.651213, 138.098780
 Finish = Photo Banner Spot (end docket at BP servo Port Augusta)-32.625552, 137.946772

Those are the stops.

To have this ride verified and entered into the FarRiders List of Rides requires:-
a start receipt (ATM or fuel - no 24/7 in Cooroy! = Mathilda Gympie or BP Forest Glen are ok)
proof of each visit to the pubs, one pic of you at the bar + one with the bike outside
a corner docket (any receipt) at Mitchell
a corner docket (any receipt) at Thrumster (BP Gateway servo at the roundabout)
and a fuel docket from the BP at Port Augusta (24/7)
. . . all written up in the Ride Log.

Ride log PDF available at this link

Discussion - Click here:

This is a list of those who have done this ride:-

FR#NameNickDate Completed
562Colin Hutchinson"Fatman Oz"2012-12-31
92Peter Hogan"OX-34"2013-04-18
299Michael Ainsworth"Sgt Schultz"2015-07-14
798Scott Macpherson"Vlad"2016-01-06
495Peter Navin"Knave"2016-02-10
577Rod Wright"Croc"2016-05-13
219Alison Kearin"mosey-angel"2016-11-17
218Paul Vaupel"ghostrider"2016-11-17
218Paul Vaupel"ghostrider"2016-12-13
272Michael Morris"fatman"2016-12-31
301Lynne Morris"LynneThePillion"2016-12-31
Total:10 Riders have done 11 Davo Memorial Trail rides


Long Distance List Ride

This set of rules will now govern all rides - apart from organised FarRides - that a FarRider wants listed on their personal Ride List.

1.The rider must already be a FarRider.
2.Any ride to be listed must be 1000km or more in 24 hours. For multi-day rides, the daily distance from day 2 must be 800km or higher.
3.The rider must document the ride as a Ride Report on the FarRiders Forum as a new topic in the Long Distance List Rides section and include the following information:
 (a)Details of the motorcycle ridden including a photograph taken on the ride.
 (b)Start Location and time with odo reading.
 (c)Location and time of any corners if the ride is not a direct line of start to finish.
 (d)A narrative of the ride with at least two photographs from the ride. Preferably lots more.
 (e)Finish Location and time with odo reading and details of time and distance of the ride (don't make us do the sums).
4.The Ride Report must be added within two weeks of completion of the ride and recommended as worthy by three FarRiders to be included in your List of Rides. (FarRiders to use words similar to "I recommend this ride for (Fred's) Ride List" in comments under the ride report.)
5.In the case of two or more individual riders riding together, each rider must present a Ride Report to have their ride credited.
A shared photo that covers all requirements will be OK.
In the case of rider and pillion riding together, the pillion must do the ride report and both will be credited.

There is no harm in mentioning that the ride qualified for an IBA certificate - it is just irrelevant to the FarRiders Ride List.

Name your ride whatever you wish - keep it short - being mindful that names like "SS1600K" are now the domain of IBA sites.
However "My Fun 1500K" or "Ya Big Chicken" are good titles. The title may be edited for the List.

Recommendations will be monitored and repeated recommendations by three "mates" will be frowned upon.
For example if Fred puts up several rides, and all are recommended by Tom, Dick and Harry every time, Fred's rides may stop getting listed. Recommendations should not be solicited.

FarRiders will not be issuing certificates for these rides, nor will there be any charge involved for your one line of glory on your Ride List.

The term "day" means every 24 hour period from the start of the ride.
e.g. If you start your ride at 03:00am you have 24hrs to complete 1000km or more.
Day two for a multi-day ride starts at 03:00am and you must have 800km done before the next 03:00am or day two won't count as part of the ride.
These distances are minimums per day, not averages.


Ride Rules FAQs

Q Will there be any documentation required?
A Not for the FR10 & FR12 except for the usual start docket
YES for the FR12Gold (see above)
YES for the FarRally.
Q Can I do 3x FR10s and 1x Border Run to accumulate my 4x FR10s?
A Yes.
Q I'm already a FarRider and done my four. Can I register to do - say - a FR12 in Registration and then change it to a standard FR10?
A Yes, FarRiders can change their registration through FR Login anytime until closing. Once registration closes you are locked in.
Q Once I have done 4x FR10 do I have to move up to the next level?
A No, if you never want to do the next level you don't have to.
Q I have completed a mix of 2x FR10 as a pillion and 2x FR10 as a rider, does this qualify me to upgrade to the FR12?
A Not as a rider! But you qualified for FR12 registration as a pillion. You must complete 4x FR10 as a rider to be able to register for the FR12 as a rider.
Q If I complete a FarRally will it count towards the required 4x FR10 rides?
A Yes, it will count. A successful FarRally ride will actually be counted as a FR12.
Q To complete the documentation for the FR12Gold - do I need a start and finish witness?
A No, your start docket with timestamp and location will suffice.
If your ride finishes at the check-in, the check-in table will give you a timestamp.
If you finish the FR12Gold ride after the check-in, you'll need to obtain a fuel docket within
the 24-hour limit.
Place to discuss: http://farriders.com/forum15/index.php?topic=4326.0