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You do not "join" FarRiders in the usual way; it's not something you just sign up for.
Just doing a 1000-kilometre-ride will not make you a FarRider, many riders do this distance or greater rather often. There is only one way you can become a member of FarRiders.

You can only become a member of FarRiders by completing an Official FarRide ™ organised by FarRiders and listed on this site..
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Want to do a FarRide?

Click the blue FarRides button above, select an OPEN ride and follow the instructions.

Why ride long distance?

There are many reasons why riders choose to ride long distances; if you need to ask then it's probably not for you. Talk to a FarRider one day and see the love of the road and riding that shines in their eyes.

Some years ago a friend asked our founder: "Davo, I am amazed. How do you get all these people to ride a 1000-kms-day just to have a meal?"
Davo replied: "Fact is I don't; they were always out there, I just give them a destination and they come. It's like that movie 'Field of Dreams' - if you build it they will come."

... as FarRiders say: "...it's just a road!"

Someone claim to be a FarRider? This is the list to check!

Records, long distances - it's nothing new.

Amongst the Australian legends is Don Bain who in April 1932 was the last "official" Sydney-Melbourne record holder when he covered the distance on his 500cc AJS in 11hrs 27mins.

In June 1937 Syd Goodsell - with Arthur Millard in the chair as observer - covered 14,900 kms in 13 days riding his 600cc side-valve Triumph.

Read about this and more in Riding Through Time by Jim Scaysbrook

We have always loved the long ride, challenging our machines and ourselves to the limits.

Please note: We are not about speed-records! Our aim is purely at safe and consistent long distance riding! We will not accept "hoons" or "cowboys"!

Davo's wish: I hope you can join us on a ride one day!

Davo's legacy: Safe long distance riding = It's our road now . . .