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Home of FarRiders!

FarRiders is not only the Home of Long Distance Motorcycle Riding in Australia, FarRiders also encourages safe long distance riding where the emphasis is on safe!
Long distance is a variable; our most important rule come home alive is not!
There are no membership fees or fees to manage or certify any rides under the FarRiders banner.

Want to become a FarRider?

Joining FarRiders does not mean you just sign up. Doing a 1000 kilometre ride will not make you a FarRider either. Many riders do this distance - or more - rather often. You can only become a member of FarRiders by completing an Official FarRide ™ organised by FarRiders and listed on this site.

Wish to do a FarRide?

Click the blue FarRides button above, select an OPEN ride and follow the instructions.

Why ride long distance?

There are many reasons why riders choose to ride long distances; if you need to ask then it seems it is not for you. Talk to a FarRider one day and see the love of the road and riding that shines in their eyes. Keep your eyes open for a large bunch of motorbikes decked out with swags and all kind of gear. Look for our logo (sticker) proudly displayed. More often you see one or two bikes resting for a while - somewhere.....

Someone claims to be a FarRider? This is the list to check!

Although a few shorter rides are part of FarRiders activities, we have always loved the long ride, challenging our machines and ourselves.
Please understand: Our riding long distances has nothing to do with records. We are not about speed records either. Our aim and passion are purely at safe and consistent long distance riding.
We will not accept "hoons" or "cowboys".

Once a member, take great pride in wearing the FarRiders badge. It's well earned. Help us to promote and protect it. Oh, and don't ignore rule #1: Come home alive!

FarRiders' name, logos and rides are trademarked. Please inform admin if you come across any misuse.